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About Us

TWNKLBDS is THE place to buy and sell items for Twnkls (YEM)!

Utilizing the latest innovations from the Unicorn Network and the world of cryptocurrency, Shobbit is proud to accept Twnkls (YEM) for payment and to bring you the TWNKLBDS auction site. TWNKLBDS is an open auction site providing a P2P marketplace platform for buyers and sellers.

The unique 2-wallet system through Pernum and the SafeZone allows for unique protection for both buyers and sellers as their Twnkls (YEM) never leave the blockchain, yet are protected during the buying and selling process while protected payments are able to be made without extra blockchain payment fees.

TWNKLBDS is a product of Shobbit, Inc. a part of the Unicorn Network, Inc. group of companies.

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